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Your Wedding is Not a Competition

Your wedding is not a competition. I hear so many brides (and grooms!) say things like:

  • I want our wedding to be the best

  • This will be the best wedding anyone has been to

  • People will be talking about how awesome our wedding was

This causes so much anguish (and money) as couples struggle to identify how to make their wedding stand out from all the rest. They think adding special place cards or a dessert table or expensive entertainment will elevate their wedding to being "the best".

Here's the truth: there is no wedding competition, there are no wedding judges and there is no universal standard that will make everyone universally agree that a wedding was amazing. There might be some people that like your choices and some people that do not.

So what?

Planning your wedding is an excellent time to start making decisions as a couple, standing strong in what you desire - no matter what anyone else thinks. If you love your wedding and you love each other, that's really all that matters.

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