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Are You Good at Receiving?

My clients are really good at giving of their time, attention, love and money. They do not think twice about giving. But you know what they are not good at?


Have you ever given someone an authentic and heart-felt compliment only to have them brush you off? Have you ever picked out a special gift and the recipient acted unenthused? It actually feels terrible TO THE GIVER!

This is exactly what happens when we haven't learned the art of receiving. When we refuse help, ignore a compliment or push away pleasure, we are doing ourselves and the other person(s) a huge disservice. It feels terrible to give and then have that effort get rejected. When we dismiss the effort from another human, we miss the experience of fully enjoying the gift. No one wins from our inability to receive!

Why do we do this?

My best guess is that receiving feels vulnerable for many of us. Allowing joy or pleasure or assistance might mean we are not capable, or it might mean that something bad is coming. For example, have you ever thought to yourself “It's been too good, something bad is around the corner”?

It doesn't have to be like this. While you are experiencing gratitude and giving this month, I also want to challenge you to receive. Make sure you watch for my emails so you don't miss any tips!

This week: Where do you want to become a better receiver? Is it in compliments, getting help, allowing pleasure, or something else? Email me and let me know.

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