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Marriage vows are a huge part of the wedding ceremony, and they should be! This is where the couple pledges to stand together and become one. Whether the couple chooses to write their own or use traditional wording, most vows contain at least the following 3 promises:

  1. I will stay with you no matter what

  2. I will love you

  3. I will be true to you

These promises are intended to sustain the relationship and remind the couple of their commitment to each other. This got me thinking……what if we made similar vows to ourselves? What if we decided that no matter what happens:

  1. I will have my own back

  2. I will love myself

  3. I will be true to myself

What if no matter what happened or how you screwed up or what someone else said - you could keep these vows? My guess is that it would feel pretty amazing.

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