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Money Fights – It’s not about the Money

The cost of a wedding varies tremendously, but according to, the average couple spends almost $34,000 on their wedding. What is your reaction to this? Does that seem like a lot of money, a little bit of money, or something in between? Did you immediately calculate how many hours you would have to work in order to make that amount of money?

Your perception of money will influence many of your wedding choices and how you feel about those decisions. For example, one partner might love flowers and feel it’s “worth the splurge”, while the other party may feel that top-notch entertainment is more important.

Often these little disagreements turn into some major fights. Why? It’s not because of the money. The amount of money you have is totally irrelevant. It’s your thoughts about the money that create the tension. Without self-awareness to know your thoughts about money, you will simply react when your partner disagrees. It may feel like they don’t care about the same things you do, or they don’t understand you, or they don’t listen to you. Pretty big statements for disagreeing about flowers, right?

But here’s the magic – you and your partner can decide how you want to use money in your relationship. Even when you disagree. Book a free Discovery Session and I’ll show you.

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