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I Love You More

When my kids say, “I love you”, I always respond, “I love you more”. It’s a cute back-and-forth, but it got me thinking: What does it mean to love someone more? Is that even possible? Can you measure love? Love is described as a verb, a noun, a feeling we get about something or someone. Love seems elusive and intangible, described best through poetry or song. While those are excellent ways to communicate, love is simple to explain. Consider that the presence or absence of love is caused from your thoughts about someone (or something). Positive thoughts generate a warm and fuzzy feeling that we experience in our body as love. When we say we can feel the love, we mean we have sensations in our body as a result of positive thoughts. The absence of love is also felt in the our body and it shows up as emptiness, disconnection or heartache.

Most people would agree that the presence of love feels much better than the absence of love. Love feels optimistic, hopeful, warm. It’s the best feeling in the world and we love feeling love, we love watching love portrayed in movies, television and books, we love being in love.

It may not sound romantic to take away some of the mystery of love, but it’s excellent news because it means love is always an option. We do not need the other person to DO anything. Love is totally in our control. Our job is to generate the thoughts that create the feeling, and this is totally independent of the actions or thoughts of the other person. Crazy, huh?

If we love the feeling of love and we love being in love and experiencing love, consider that love is always an option that you can choose based on your thoughts. It’s an empowering concept that I invite you to explore with me this month!

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