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The B Word

No, I am not talking about Bridezilla, I am talking about Budget. Do you have a wedding budget? Do you want a wedding budget? There are a million worksheets and resources to help you estimate the cost of the various components of your wedding, but fewer resources available to help you manage your mind around money. If the idea of sticking to a budget makes your stomach turn, planning your wedding is a great time to examine your thoughts about budgeting.

Journal the following questions and see what comes up for you:

  • What is the purpose of creating a budget?

  • When would you use a budget?

  • Does following a budget feel freeing, constraining or a bit of both?

  • What other feelings come up when you hear the word Budget?

  • Did the people who raised you follow a budget? How do you know?

  • In a partnership, who should create the budget? Who should make sure you are on track with the budget?

The purpose of a budget is to hold yourself accountable to spend a set amount of money in each category, based on your overall goals and money philosophy. How does that definition compare to the thoughts you journaled? Once you have identified your thoughts on budgeting, a good next step is to share them with your partner. Be curious about his/her perspective – do your beliefs overlap or do you see things differently? Remember, the budget is just a tool – there is no right or wrong way to use the tool, as long as it is helping you achieve the results you want.

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