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Be You

Today's post is a friendly PSA to remind you that someone else's decisions mean nothing about you. Literally, it means nothing. Even if.....

  • Your best friend decided on a strapless wedding gown and yours has sleeves

  • Your friend had an amazing dessert table and you already chose a 3-tiered traditional cake

  • Your college roommate used sustainable flowers but you decided on roses

You are not doing this wrong. Their choices mean exactly ZERO about you. Part of the fun of planning a wedding is that you and your partner get to choose everything to reflect your relationship! If you are vegan and want a sustainable wedding - great, go with it. Prefer meat and potatoes - also great.

The only way you can make the wrong choice is by trying to be someone else or following someone else's style. Your wedding (and your marriage) is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. In order to authentically represent your relationship, you have to show up as you. This means dialing in your desires and making them happen, no matter what any one else is doing.

No one is better at being you than you!

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